Below are answers to common questions related to the sign-up process.

Account Information

Will I lose information I entered if I do not complete the sign-up process in one session?

No.  If you return to the ACCELR/8 log-in page and click “Sign Up,” the application will take you to step 1 of the sign-up process.  Information completed on that page should be displayed with the exception of the password.  The user will be asked to input a password and then can proceed with completing the sign-up process.

Can I use my personal email for login?

You should use your company email address for login.  You may use a personal email address as a secondary email address.

Can more than one person sign up for an account on behalf of the same company?

No.  There can only be one user per company account.

Can brokers have accounts on the platform?

Currently the platform does not permit broker accounts.  If you are a broker, please contact Marc Lindsey or Janine Goodman to discuss co-brokerage opportunities.

How long will it take to approve my account?

Avenue4 will be in contact within 2 business days of your submitting your account for review and approval.

Organization Information

What Organization Name should I use for the Account?

You should use the name of the organization that is selling the numbers.

System Role

As a seller, do I have to add block information during Account Sign Up?

No, you can wait to provide block information once your account has been approved.  However, providing information now may help accelerate the due diligence process.

How should I enter block information? 

All block information should be entered in CIDR form.  For example, XX.XXX.X.X/XX

What if the IPv4 block I want to sell is registered to a different organization?

If the IPv4 block is registered to an organization that is different from the organization signing up for the account, then please enter the organization name of the current RIR registrant, and provide an explanation for the discrepancy on the line available for comments.  An Avenue4 Administrator will be in contact.

What if I am currently routing the block I want to sell?

Only blocks that are not currently routed will be accepted into the Platform.   If you are currently routing a block, you should cease doing so before submitting a completed due diligence questionnaire (which will be available online after account approval).

As a buyer, do I have to select my purchase requirements during Account Sign Up?

No, you can wait to select purchase requirements when you are ready to place an order to buy numbers.  By providing this information now, the Platform will prepopulate an order for you and the order will be automatically activated when your account is approved.

Terms and Conditions

What Terms and Conditions apply to the Platform?

Each user who enrolls in the Platform must acknowledge and agree to an End User License Agreement.    In addition, before placing an order in the Platform, users must agree to the Trading Platform Agreement (TPA), which sets forth the terms and conditions governing the services provided by the Platform, trading policies and procedures, and applicable fees.  The TPA is available for review at any time in a user’s Document Library once their account has been approved by Avenue4.   Buyers who wish to place an order as part of the sign-up process, however, must agree to the TPA during sign-up.