While the large block market showed healthy activity in 2023, the small and mid-block markets cooled down.

See our 2023 IPv4 Market Summary here.

A cooling down of the IPv4 market was the headline for 2023.  The moderate decline in the annual transaction total continued the two-year transaction volume slide, with nearly 21% fewer transactions occurring in 2023 than in 2021.  Similarly, the aggregate annual volume of sold IPv4 space also decreased by 22%. Countering this overall trend, the mid-block market trading volume¾consisting of mostly /16s¾held steady when compared with 2022.  But by the end of 2023, price points in all market sectors had retreated from their 2022 high.

More Key Takeaways for 2023  North American market:

  • The volume of numbers traded in the small block market was historically low.
  • Notwithstanding the overall market cooling, large block supply diversification was healthier than usual.  2023 saw the highest number of large block sellers and transactions in the market’s history.
  • Prices across all market sectors declined materially from their 2022 high point. By the end of 2023, only large blocks consistently traded above $50 per number.