Route Guidance

Avenue4, LLC is an ARIN Qualified Facilitator

Avenue4, LLC is pleased to announce it is now an @ARIN Qualified Facilitator! The new Qualified Facilitator program helps IPv4 market participants confidently identify brokers to navigate the complexities of the transfer market in compliance with ARIN policy. Read More

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The 2022 IPv4 Market in North America

Spurred by unprecedented unit pricing, the IPv4 market in North America experienced its second-best year ever in market history. We appear a long way from any precipitous decrease in IPv4 market activity; overall market demand for IPv4 space remains strong. Read More

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The IPv4 Market in the Age of COVID-19

The global pandemic has touched most areas of our lives, but the IPv4 market seems immune to COVID-19. The market maintained its established trajectory through Q1 with no changes expected for the near future.

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Avenue4’s 2019 IPv4 Market: Mid-Year Report

In 2019 to date, the number of transactions is trending ever upward, but large block scarcity is pushing the number of blocks traded down as prices rise.

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