Avenue4's new IPv4 trading platform, ACCELR/8, enables buyers and sellers to meet their IPv4 needs using an automated algorithm that finds matching orders. 

Avenue4’s premium IPv4 advisory services for /8 and other large IPv4 block holders have delivered substantial value to our clients – closing over $200 million in market transactions.   The depth and breadth of our experience is unparalleled.

We believe, however, that the same quality and professionalism we bring to the large block market should be available to all buyers and sellers and that technology-enabled services are the key to successfully advancing the market.   Avenue4’s new IPv4 trading platform, ACCELR/8, does just that.

ACCELR/8 is a transformative market mechanism, enabling organizations looking to buy or sell blocks as small as /20s to keep pace with the evolving demands of the IPv4 market applying the same processes that have delivered value for many of the largest market participants.

The ACCELR/8 trading platform by Avenue4 is unique in the industry.

  • Buyers and sellers can trade IPv4 blocks from their desktops using the ACCELR/8 web app, or their smartphones or tablets using our native mobile apps.
  • Buyers and sellers are matched using an order-driven market mechanism. To help inform their trading decisions and provide immediate feedback on their initial order requirements, ACCELR/8 gives users automated system guidance that helps them find matching orders.
  • Our platform removes obstacles that have prevented buyers and sellers from finding each other directly. The platform’s automated matching engine matches buyers and sellers based on their self-selected buy and sell order criteria.
  • Embodying Avenue’s successful formula in the large block market, ACCELR/8 uses mature IPv4 transaction processing. The platform embodies a workflow that encompasses the full transaction lifecycle; relies on contract documents honed from negotiating deals with some of the most sophisticated buyers and sellers; offers step-by-step guidance and on-line user guides; and employs well-established online escrow processes to protect the interests of buyers and sellers.

Technology is, however, only part of the ACCELR/8 solution.   Successful outcomes for buyers and sellers are supported by the experienced professionals of Avenue4.

To get started, visit our sign-up page at http://avenue4llc.com/accelr8/, or contact us with any questions at http://avenue4llc.com/contact-us/.