Avenue4 releases 2017 State of IPv4 Market Report

Avenue4 releases its 2017 State of IPv4 Market Report, providing valuable analysis on the market in 2017 and where it’s likely headed in 2018.

In our recently released 2017 State of the IPv4 Market Report, we assess the current state of the IPv4 trading market from the North American region’s perspective. In the report, we review market activity, present information on pricing trends, and examine the effects of IPv6 migration.

Whether a company is active in the IPv4 market or trying to decide when the time is right to participate, understanding the factors that influence the market is essential to forecasting its future and making well-informed decisions on whether and when to buy or sell IPv4 assets.

Our  2017 State of the IPv4 Market Report provides valuable analysis for both buyers and sellers on where the market has been and where it’s likely to go in 2018. We hope you find our report a useful guide in charting your path forward in 2018.