IPv4 transactions within the ARIN region in 2015 on track to exceed 2014's transactions by a factor of 5

Transfer Activity
RIPE NCC’s new policy permitting interRIR transfers, implemented in September 2015, is finally starting to have an impact.  A /11 equivalent transferred from ARIN into the RIPE NCC region was the single largest interRIR transfer to date.   Other interRIR transfers included a /16 transferred to Siemens and a /14 transferred from Oak Point Partners to Indian company, Reliance Jio, in the APNIC region.

With respect to transfers within the ARIN region, transfer data published by ARIN in December continued to show a significant upward trajectory in market activity.  Through November there have been 164 separate IPv4 trading transactions compared to 35 such transactions in all of 2014.

IPv6 Deployment
IPv6 deployment according to Google statistics finally hit double digits, climbing to 10% on New Year’s Eve.  According to projections of IPv6 Enabled Browsers (using Google data and a regression formula) by Eric Vyncke, a Cisco Distinguished Consulting Engineer, in two years’ time approximately 60% of web browsers in the U.S. and 20% of web browsers worldwide will be IPv6 enabled.

In the news, a hacker collective disclosed that IPv4 numbers sold by the UK government to two Saudi telecommunications companies were now being used by social media accounts owned by ISIS, the Akamai Q3 2015 “State of the Internet” report revealed overall growth in IPv4 connectivity worldwide and Avenue4’s Marc Lindsey and Janine Goodman discuss the “real deal” on IPv6 migration.