IPv4 Market Update – July 2015

The ARIN free pool runs on empty, RIPE officially opens the European region to interRIR transfers,  and IPv6 continues its upward trend but still only predicted to account for 34% of global IP traffic by 2019.

In July, the ARIN free pool dwindled further.  Only 218 /24s are available as of this posting. Based on the current runrate, it would not be surprising to see the free pool fully depleted by the end of August.  AT&T received a /14 - the only large block allocation in July - and there were no significant transfers recorded in the registry.

RIPE announced that its policy permitting interRIR transfers has been implemented and is now operational. Inter-RIR transfer policies introduced in the ARIN and LACNIC regions (and described in the April and June market updates) are still in discussion phase.  A new policy proposal introduced in LACNIC would terminate usage of IPv4 in the region by 2030 and require end users with large quantities of IPv4 numbers to give back 1/15th of their IPv4 inventory each year through 2030.

There were no notable IPv4 market transfers in the APNIC region; however, the RIPE transfer market continues to be active, with four of the five largest transfer recipients from the Middle East region.

IPv6 content hit new highs both globally (8%) and in the U.S. (21%) although the number of Alex Top 1000 websites reachable over IPv6 made marginal increases in the last couple of months, growing from 16% to 16.1%.

In the news, Geoff Huston assessed Apple’s recent IPv6 deployment efforts, in Circle ID an AFRINIC staff member discussed the implications of Africa being the last to deplete its IPv4 supply - AFRINIC has over 40 million IPv4 numbers remaining in its free pool and is not expected to reach depletion until mid-2019,  Cisco predicted that IPv6 traffic will hit 34% by 2019, that and Avenue4 reported that it received Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.