ISOC's report overstates its reach and projections for when IPv6 will finally predominate over IPv4  

ISOC's "State of the IPv6 Deployment 2017" report provides a good overview of IPv6 deployment globally but somewhat overstates the reach and progress being made.  The "widespread and significant" deployment/"early majority" status of IPv6 is predominantly in the North American, Western European and Oceana regions - leaving entire swaths of the globe having made very little progress on IPv6 deployment, including nearly all of Africa and most of Asia.  The report also relies on data that IPv6 will hit 50% deployment in the next 18 months; however, these projections are highly optimistic given IPv6's trajectory over the last 12 months.  More realistic projections courtesy of Cisco engineering consultant Eric Vyncke have global deployment hitting the 50% mark in 2021.