Who is Avenue4?

The premier IPv4 broker and advisory firm dedicated to serving the most demanding and sophisticated market participants.

Origins of a New IPv4 Market and Practice. 

With two decades of experience as both a systems engineer and head of the IT transactions practice at Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, Marc Lindsey first began working with IPv4 legacy holders back in 2007, long before the IPv4 market existed. Enterprise companies who held Class A and other large IPv4 legacy blocks sought Marc’s legal advice to determine their rights and entitlements in and to their IPv4 numbers – particularly when ARIN began recruiting legacy holders to join ARIN’s legacy registration service agreement program (LRSA program). Soon after, in 2009 and 2010, Marc represented several IPv4 clients in their exploration of the legal, technical and commercial underpinnings of conveying numbers. In 2010, Nortel engaged Marc to advise it on the legal implications of selling Nortel’s IPv4 inventory. Marc counseled Nortel on key aspects of its strategy at a time when the norms of IPv4 market trades did not exist, and there was no precedence for the proposition. One year later, Nortel sold a large block of those numbers to Microsoft —signaling the public emergence of the IPv4 market.

Evolution of IPv4 Brokerage and Advisory Services.

Marc’s niche expertise is widely recognized – he not only advised prospective market participants in the early stages of the IPv4 market, but became the advisor to the advisors. Startup brokerage companies, other lawyers and intermediary firms sought his counsel and assistance in evaluating the marketability of IPv4 assets, navigating RIR policies and developing transaction structures. As the market evolved in late 2011 and early 2012, Marc’s original large IPv4 clients, and others referred to him by word of mouth, increasingly turned to Marc to help guide them through all aspects of their planned market participation. Marc’s role transitioned from lawyer to IPv4 broker and advisor.

Launch and Growth of Avenue4. 

Janine Goodman joined Marc’s IPv4 practice in 2012, bringing nearly 20 years of experience serving as key telecommunications and technology lawyer to Fortune 500 companies and lead negotiator for enterprise procurements.  Marc and Janine have advised some of the largest and most sophisticated holders of IPv4 number blocks, including a half dozen /8 holders. To better serve the business objectives of their clients, enable a more rapid development of new services and processes for the changing market, and foster greater industry partnerships, Marc and Janine transformed their IPv4 broker practice into Avenue4.  They have successfully closed deals with a total aggregate market value of over $200 million dollars.

Moving Forward.

The IPv4 market is quickly evolving.  Buyers and sellers still struggle to find interested counter-parties and ascertain the market price of an IPv4 block.  They frequently rely on incomplete and distorted information to make transaction decisions.  In September 2017, Avenue4 changed all of that with the release of ACCELR/8  --  a quote-driven trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to place orders based on IPv4 block sizes and prices they define, find matches, structure and execute transactions, and navigate the transaction and RIR transfer approval process in a manner that protects the interests of both sellers and buyers.