Route Guidance

The False Scarcity of RIR IPv4 Exhaustion

An efficient global IPv4 market will provide the Internet community 5 to 7 more years on IPv4 to facilitate a migration to IPv6 that follows normal technology adoption patterns. The depletion of the RIR free pool of IPv4 numbers isn’t the end of the road for IPv4. Two recent articles written in Information Week discuss the meaning of IPv4 exhaustion from different and opposing perspectives.

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Eliminating Needs Assessment is the Path to IPv6

Removing needs assessment as a pre-condition to recording  IPv4 address trasnsfers in ARIN’s registry database will promote an efficient IPv4 market and facilitate IPv6 adoption.

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Justifying Needs Justification in the IPv4 Market

Is ARIN’s need justification an undesirable meddling by ARIN in private (and otherwise lawful) commercial arrangements between private parties?

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