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2016 IPv4 Market Midyear Report

In the first half of 2016, transfers increase with fewer addresses changing hands as global supply wanes, /16s dominate larger block sales,  mid- and large-block prices rise and converge.

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IPv4 Market Update – September 2015

The ARIN free pool runs dry, a new ARIN policy proposal seeks to remove all needs requirements for transfers, the North American  IPv4 trading market continues to boom, and implementation of the new RIPE interRIR transfer policy promises to expand the global market.

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IPv4 Market Update – April 2015

ARIN and LACNIC are now running neck and neck for most depleted free pool.  RIPE’s  interRIR transfer policy should be ready for primetime in August and LACNIC is again exploring whether it wants to join RIPE, ARIN and APNIC  in the global transfer market.

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Global Consequences of Rushing IPv6 Deployment

IPv6 evangelists and Internet governance institutions have been urgently calling for immediate transition to IPv6 in light of the near global depletion of the IPv4 address free pool. But companies aren’t rushing. Instead, more and more are turning to the IPv4 market to purchase the IPv4 addresses they need to operate and grow their IP-based networks. Why?

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