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IPv6 or Bust (or Not): What stories about the IPv6 migration imperative are missing

The IPv4 trading market is essential to the success of the IPv6 transition.

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IPv4 Market Update – June 2015

The North American IPv4 free pool nears total depletion, ARIN activates its waitlist, a needs based standard is proposed for 8.3 transfers, and IPv6 continues to reach new heights in the U.S. while maintaining persistent lows elsewhere in North America.

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Eliminating Needs Assessment is the Path to IPv6

Removing needs assessment as a pre-condition to recording  IPv4 address trasnsfers in ARIN’s registry database will promote an efficient IPv4 market and facilitate IPv6 adoption.

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Justifying Needs Justification in the IPv4 Market

Is ARIN’s need justification an undesirable meddling by ARIN in private (and otherwise lawful) commercial arrangements between private parties?

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