Route Guidance

Is it Finally Time to Eliminate Needs-Based IPv4 Transfer Policies?

Needs-based IPv4 transfer requirements contribute to WHOIS registry inaccuracies. Relaxation of those requirements has not led to rampant “bad behavior.”  ARIN policy can do a better job of addressing community concerns.

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Q3 2017 IPv4 Market Report

IPv4 trading remains active through Q3 2017, especially in the small block market.  Strong demand for large, legacy blocks continues but  supply still lags.  Prices are on the rise across all block sizes.  

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Avenue4 Launches ACCELR/8 –IPv4 Trading Made Easy

Avenue4’s new IPv4 trading platform, ACCELR/8, enables buyers and sellers to meet their IPv4 needs using an automated algorithm that finds matching orders. 

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Avenue4 Releases 2016 State of the IPv4 Market Report

Avenue4 releases its 2016 State of IPv4 Market Report, providing valuable analysis on the market in 2016 and where it’s likely headed in 2017.

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