Route Guidance

Unlocking the Hidden Value Within Your IT Organization

Many C-level executives are unaware their IT organizations could be sitting on a lucrative sellable supply of unused IPv4 addresses.  Assessing and executing on the opportunity takes planning, but there’s a clear path for getting it done.

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2016 Market Highlights and NANOG 69

Avenue4’s soon-to-be-released State of the IPv4 Market Report sheds light on market forces underlying the IPv4 market’s roller coaster ride in 2016 plus meet Avenue4 this week at NANOG 69 in Washington, DC.

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Q3 2016 Market Report

Busy IPv4 trading continued through Q3 2016 with evidence of larger blocks starting to reappear in the marketplace. The global market continues to accelerate.

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2016 IPv4 Market Midyear Report

In the first half of 2016, transfers increase with fewer addresses changing hands as global supply wanes, /16s dominate larger block sales,  mid- and large-block prices rise and converge.

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